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Blinds Mats


It is an alternative to ordinary wood and is characterized as a visionary and can be controlled in the degree of entry of light from the outside and thermal insulator including the foam inside the slides as well as the foam in the insulation of noise and external voices and also protection from dust and dust outside and slides by the perforated and non-perforated also works by hand, Manufila also works with electricity, either with a motor with a standard electric switch or remote control.

The mats are available either with strips of PVC or aluminum fillets in which the polyurethane material is added. Also, the aluminum strips containing the zinc are very hard in case of theft prevention and increased protection. The carpet is available in white, white, light beige, dark, brown and black. Installed in many places (villas, apartments, offices, clinics, companies, and banks) and fit the coastal potential to resist the factors of erosion.