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Gypsum Crunchy


With the important features of Kornishah Gibbsum Board which include the following:

  1. Cornice is characterized as a factory of the same article Gibbsom Board Faabaltali dealing the same treatment Gypsum Board and this is a special factor for the technician Gypsum Board

  2. The price of the Corniche Tablet is less than the price of any other Corniche

  3. Multiple methods of fixing Cornish compared to other Kranish. Which allows any person to install the Cornish himself and does not require a dedicated technician

  4. Fire resistant first class unlike any other Corniche

  5. Easy storage for long periods where it is wrapped in a good way to maintain it and prevent any presence Hlalk out

  6. The presence of paper gypsum board on the Corniche gives it a factor of flexibility and durability, unlike any other Corniche

  7. The absence of breaks after a period of time because it deals with the joints of the tape Fiber Tiber Unlike the regular Corniche, which appear joints after a very short period

  8. Provide 45-angle ready-to-p warehouses which facilitates the customer's installation and saves him time and other costs